How to Steal Social Media Followers from Your Competitors

How to Steal Social Media Followers from Your Competitors

For most online businesses, social media is recognized as the best avenue to get the exposure and recognition they need from the digital world. Inevitably, various platforms of social media are utilized as a part of marketing strategies because of the positive results that they produce. Online businesses that have not included social media as part of their efforts to promote whatever products or services they offer stand to lose considerably, when it comes to sales or profits.

Because of its increase in popularity, social media marketing has convinced digital marketers to enlist the services of experts like those from Kansas City social media agencies to pursue strategies in the most appropriate platforms relevant to their business and what they offer. Apart from the chance to promote and sell, business owners can quickly identify who their customers are, connect and establish a relationship with them, and find more ways to sell their products. With the use of social ads, the company can reach out to their targeted customers and increase their chances of making more sales. Moreover, producing consistently relevant content drives more traffic to the site, which search engines like Google recognize and rank in a higher position on search engine results.

Undoubtedly, social media offers online businesses numerous benefits. It improves a website’s SEO because both are connected, with the ranking by search engines relying on its social media activities. It drives traffic, leads, and conversions when the correct strategies are employed. Social media also allows more interaction between the customers and the website, providing a forum for comments and questions that are responded to efficiently. In turn, it improves customer service, prompting potential customers to build up trust in the site.

With all of its benefits, it is no wonder that competition is stiff. A business owner can expect other digital marketers in the same industry to employ their social media marketing strategies and achieve their objectives. Although it is challenging to build up a following in social media, one effective method of getting it done is to use the competition’s established following. Below are some tips on how to steal social media followers from competitors.

Identify authority social media competitors

Theoretically, it may seem simple enough to check out the competition in social media. However, if the company’s market share is not segregated among competitors, identifying them can be more difficult. Making use of the followers of competitors to boost a company’s exposure on social media requires some work but is ultimately worth the effort. To help with the process, a web owner can search for a particular keyword in the same niche on Google. From here, a business owner working with the likes of a  Kansas City social media agency can see who their biggest competitors are, such as those who are the most popular on Twitter. There are essential elements to consider about the social media following of competitors. Apart from the content they produce, there is also the method of how they engage their followers. It is vital to study the authority competition carefully and understand what makes them tick among social media users.


If there is one thing that business owners all know how to do, it is networking. Networking is essential for any business to grow. It would be wise to reach out to other websites that are similar or related to the business. While networking, one can also learn more about the competition and the people who follow them. There are many lessons that competitors can teach, merely through observing what they do, such as the frequency of their posts and how they respond to their fans. Consequently, a company can identify the competition’s most active followers, reach out, and engage with them.

Establish a relationship with social media followers

For any business, establishing a good relationship with its followers on social media is a priority. An effective method of doing this is by providing information they need without waiting for something in return for the moment. A response to any query posted by a social media user is a good start. It is a great way to start interaction and show expertise in a particular topic. It encourages the social media user to seek more answers for an authority in the field and a chance for a business owner to help connect the user to someone they may need. Any help offered makes the process of seeking assistance from the user much simpler. Because of the relationship established, they would try to return the favor, whether through making a purchase, sharing the site’s content, or referrals.

Show appreciation

When help is extended, it is only right that appreciation is shown. This is something that many companies neglect to do. For customers and followers to remain loyal, they should feel that whatever they do to help the company is acknowledged and appreciated. Thanking a follower right after help has been extended is the right thing to do. Following up the gesture after a few weeks will also be very welcome.

Write a guest blog 

By writing a guest blog on an authority site, a web owner gains more exposure. Many websites offer guests the chance to post their blogs for as long as they are relevant to the site and provide relevant information to their users. High-quality blog posts gain recognition and show that the content creator is also an authority on the specific niche, and has the expertise to write about anything related to it. When users are interested in the content, they will most likely seek out the source.

Offer incentives

A business website would surely have its share of customers. A web owner can make use of this by offering incentives when referrals are provided by customers. Many businesses have some type of referral program to add leverage to their social network, such as offering discounts. These incentives encourage customers to refer more people to the company. They receive a token for their effort and the business gains a new customer.

Building up a following in social media guarantees a business of gaining new clients, generating more leads, and establishing connections with others who can help the company grow. With the help of the best SEO agencies, a company can build up its following by stealing social media followers from its competitors. Through interaction, good relationships, and a show of appreciation for help from social media users, social media marketing strategies can be successful.

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