EU4Digital Pilot to Increase Volumes in Eastern Europe

EU4Digital Pilot to Increase Volumes in Eastern Europe

EU4Digital is an initiative aimed at extending the European Digital Single Market to Eastern Europe. The initiative represents an eCommerce pilot between Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Germany. What about the U.K? Let’s move forward to discover. Also, let’s reveal how can help you grow your eCommerce business in the U.K.


COVID-19 has accelerated the move of people and businesses to the online space. Overall, when switching to online channels, businesses find 2 basic hindrances on their way. One has to do with additional investments provided for the online introduction of goods. The other is related to the lack of the ways and skills required for running a business online.

The EU4Digital initiative aims to provide harmony among digital markets and help with growing eCommerce volumes. The initiative’s pilot is between Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Germany.

What about Britain? Well, the country is working on reforming the data-protection law. This will enable the information to flow more freely and add to the rise of the digital economy. The government had provided initial financing (1.2 billion pounds of a total 5 billion) to fund broadband in rural areas. Now, more financing is expected to be provided.

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EU4Digital for eCommerce Growth

Today, the E.U. has the 2nd largest cross-border buyer of goods, has its own eCommerce rules, processes, and ways to engage stakeholders. The European Commission has represented its plans on how a successful digital transformation of Europe should take place by the year 2030.

EU4Digital’s plans concerning the eCommerce growth between the Eastern countries and the E.U. are associated with Germany. Based on these plans, Germany should list products from Eastern partner retailers on its marketplace(s).

To sum up, the EU4Digital initiative works on making the eCommerce ecosystem stronger and raising eCommerce volumes. Britain is also under further digital transformation.

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